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When you improve your communication skills, you’ll improve your performance, your relationships, and your life.  

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Be Clear.

Be Compelling.

Be You.

You can be the speaker, writer, and leader you always wanted to be

I’m Beth Collier and I help people become stronger communicators — and more effective leaders.

My clients know they need to improve the way they write, present or connect with others to get better results — and take their career to the next level. 

Through 1-1 coaching, corporate workshops and keynote talks, I help my clients find their unique style, write and present with clarity and confidence, and inspire others.

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If you struggle to get your messages across, or want to become a more confident, engaging speaker, I can help.

Contact me and find out how.

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“Beth knows more about communication than anyone I’ve ever worked with. She has so much energy and enthusiasm - and she really cares about helping people succeed.”

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“Beth is really inspiring and engaging. I learned a lot from her and acquired many new skills and techniques. She is my favorite trainer.”

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“The advice and support Beth provided has proven to be really beneficial and made an immediate difference.  I could not have hoped for a coach with better writing and teaching skills. Beth made it easy for me to learn.” 

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"Beth helped me find my communication strengths, and empowered me to develop my skills. She is so supportive - and working with her is a lot of fun!"

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"Beth is charismatic, engaging and highly effective. She demonstrated strong facilitator skills, and was able to draw out the individual capabilities from a small group, providing targeted feedback and guidance, and helping to create a pleasant environment where people develop and improve."


"Beth is a very good coach. She clearly explains concepts and provides ongoing feedback. Most of all, she made our discussions relevant to real work situations, and helped me with some key learnings for improving my leadership style and coaching skills."


“Beth has a lovely natural enthusiasm which really comes across. She really listens and makes sure everyone has opportunities to share their ideas.”


“Beth really engaged the group with fun, enjoyable exercises and made sure everyone was involved.”

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“Beth’s Creativity Workshop was fantastic! It really sparked my creativity!”






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Case Study:

Global Financial Services Company

A bespoke program for more than 200,000 employees around the world that solved business problems by using curiosity and creativity.

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